The Hope Project

What is The Hope Project?

A charitable arts and photographic project designed to tackle the stigma of male mental health and spread a message of hope and positivity.

The most common cause of death for men aged 15-45 is suicide, typically linked to mental health issues. Suicide and mental illness are often a taboo topic, with uncertainty and fear about how to talk about it. But it is precisely by talking about it that we can prevent it.

Hope has been created to do exactly that. Hope shares the stories of men from across Europe who have experienced dark, difficult periods in their lives but who have found a way forward to live with meaning and balance. This is a message of hope.

What’s the mission?

It’s simple.

We want men to understand that struggling with their mental health is OK and normal, that many others feel the same as them and there is hope for a full recovery and a happy life, even though for some people this can seem hard to imagine.

What’s the vision?

To build a pan-european charity that raises awareness in every european country and beyond, reaching 100 million men over the next 5 years and lowering the male suicide rate in Europe by 50%. Our ambition is to work together with like-minded organisations, charities and individuals such as Mind, Suicide Zero and The Fontainhouses.